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Lakes Basketball

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About Us

Welcome to Lakes Basketball!

Lakes Basketball is not your typical youth basketball program.  Our philosophy is based on one simple premise:

Basketball players are more than the sum of their skills!

We know that learning and perfecting skills can help to make you more effective on the court, but at Lakes Basketball we believe skill work alone is not enough.  We teach our athletes to be strong teammates, leaders on and off the court. We want to not just develop great basketball players, but develop great individuals.  Actions and behaviors speak incredibly loud.  Our athletes understand that basketball is important, but it does not have to be the primary focus in life; education and family need to be prioritized, along with other non-basketball interests.

Lakes Basketball encourages the multi-sport athlete.  Experiencing a variety of athletic situations can bring tremendous value and growth for each individual.  We actively dissuade specialization, especially for the pre-teen athlete.

We encourage you to contact us for your basketball needs.  Let Lakes Basketball help you succeed!

Dan Novotny
Director and Coach


Dan Novotny

Director and Coach


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