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Lakes Basketball

Lakes Basketball offers a wide variety of basketball services for boys and girls, men and women, individuals and teams, novice and experienced.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us today! 

Services Offered


Lakes Basketball offers a variety of classes throughout the year.  These classes cover a variety of ages and skill levels.  Class availability depends on location, athlete group, and time of year.  These classes include:

Lakes Learners - Grades PreK-K

Beginning Basketball - Grades 1-2

Skill Sessions - Grades 3-8

Shooting Sessions

Lakes Basketball now offers shooting sessions on the Dr. Dish Shooting Machine.  The “Dish” allows you to maximize your repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball back to you…

- Rotatable net to work on post entry passes and finishing passes.

- Over 100 pre-programmed drills and workouts to keep you motivated.


Adding a Shooting Session to the end of a workout is a great way to close your workout!

Private Training

Lakes Basketball trains all levels of male and female athletes, from elementary school beginners to varsity level players and beyond.  Our knowledgeable staff can help to improve skill areas including:

  • Shooting and Shooting Form

  • Dribbling and Attacking

  • Passing Techniques

  • Defense Recognition and Movement

  • Court Awareness

At Lakes Basketball, we provide more than just superior basketball training for the dedicated athlete, we work on the non-technical areas that do not appear on the stat sheet.  This includes:

  • Aggression

  • Attitude

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

Utilizing a wide variety of training techniques, Lakes Basketball will work to improve an athlete’s technical skills while reinforcing the non-technical ones.  Whether you are looking to improve your overall skills, or focus on one specific area of your game, be it in a one-on-one or group training session, Lakes Basketball is your first and last stop for basketball training in the lakes area.

Training sessions must be scheduled in advance.  Please click below to get started.


Welcome to our Lakes Basketball AAU program. 

For those of new to our program, we place strong emphasis on the following:


  • Quality coaches are a necessity for every team.  While many programs will build teams and then find a coach, we make sure to have the right coach in place before building the team.  For this reason, the number of programs we run may vary from year to year.


  • Team play rules the day.  Five players on the court, all need to play together to succeed.  There is no place on our teams for selfish play.  We also expect all of our athletes to give their best, whether in workouts, practice, or games.

  • A flexible, compact season is necessary for our athletes.  AAU play comes during the regular basketball off-season, we need to be cognizant of other activities and sports.

  • Winning takes care of itself.  Success is not measured by wins and losses: skill growth, maturation on and off the court, team growth, increased confidence... these are the true measures of success.

  • Focusing on specific skills and working on those skills leads to better play.  Skill work is so important to us that we have included off-season training for our teams.


Youth 3v3 Leagues

Lakes Basketball provides a fun, competitive environment for half-court, 3-on-3 leagues.  Our primary focus is to provide a quality experience for all teams and spectators involved.  To do this, Lakes 3v3 leagues offer:

  • Player driven teams, no coaches

  • Certified Officials

  • Strong focus on sportsmanship and safe play

  • League standings and updates on our website

Lakes 3v3 leagues include:

  • Boys and Girls leagues grades 4-12

Adult Basketball Leagues

Looking to start or continue your competitive basketball career?  Lakes Basketball offers competitive leagues for both men and women over the course of the year.  We strive to provide a quality experience for all teams and spectators involved, with a strong focus on sportsmanship. 

  • All participants must be 18+ in age

  • Player driven teams, no coaches

  • Certified Officials

  • Strong focus on sportsmanship and safe play

  • League standings and updates on our website

Leagues include:

Men's 5v5 League
Women's 3v3 League

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